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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions from visitors to Spitsbergen.

1. Where can one find the weather forecast for Svalbard??

The weather NOW

Long term weather forecast

2. Which weather can one expect on Svalbard in summer?

The average temperature on Spitsbergen in the summer is 5ºC. Normally there is hardly any precipitation, but cold wind, fog and a cloud ceiling.

3. Which weather can one expect on Svalbard in winter?

The average temperature on Spitsbergen in the winter is -10ºC. The weather conditions alter rapidly, so temperatures can change from above 0ºC till -30ºC. There are huge local differences. Days with low temperatures are normally bright and clear. Cold wind is common regardless of temperature.

4. Is Spitsbergen covered with snow and ice all year around?

40% of the Archipelago is covered with snow only in the winter. These areas are bare in the summer and in the autumn. 60% of the Archipelago is covered with snow and ice throughout the year. The glacier fronts function as dining table for birds, seals, Polar Bears etc.

5. What kind of equipment / clothing one needs to join the offered tours?

Please have a look at the equipment lists.

6. Can one expect to see Polar Bears on Spitsbergen?

It can not be guaranteed that one will see a Polar Bear, but the chances are there.

7. Are there Polar Bears in Longyearbyen?

Normally Polar Bears are not to be found in the centre of Longyearbyen, but occationally they get to the vicinity of the city. This means one should never leave the centre of Longyearbyen without firearms.

8. Is it allowed to hunt Polar Bears?

No, Polar Bears got protected in 1973.This has lead to an increase in the population which was on the edge of distinction after heavy commercial hunting.

9. Are there any opportunities to buy equipment or clothing on Svalbard?

There is a supermarket and not less than 4 stores selling outdoor gear.

10. Are the prices lower on Spitsbergen?

The prices are tax free and therefore lower than at the mainland. Prices for food and groceries are about the same as on the mainland.

11. Is alcohol and tobacco cheaper than on the mainland?

There are no tax and extra charges on alcohol and tobacco which means considerably lower prices. When importing alcohol and tobacco to the mainland one can take the same amount as from other countries.

12. Which voltage is used on board the cruise ships?

220 volt, which is the Norwegian standard.

13. Is it possible to use credit cards on board the cruise ships?

Most major credit cards are accepted.

14. Can you use mobile phones on Spitsbergen?

There is coverage only in Longyearbyen.

15. Do boats sail to Spitsbergen in the winter time?

There is no cruise program for the winter. Supply boats sometimes deliver goods during the winter, if the ice- and weather conditions allow it. Sometimes an occasional ice breaker visits the Archipelago in the winter.

16. Is it legal for tourists to go fishing and hunting?

Basically, animals in Svalbard are protected, but in the case of some species, hunting is allowed.

The purpose of managing animal species in Svalbard is to protect, to the extent possible, naturally occurring species. This means that hunting and fishing must not affect the stocks. Thus, Svalbard's animals are generally protected, although controlled and limited hunting is allowed in the case of some few species.

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17. Is there any mobile phone network?

Yes there is. In the vicinity of Longyearbyen and inside Advent Valley.

18. Which airlines are providing flights to Svalbard?