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Usually most of us have a tendency of taking too much gear on all journeys and trips.

After some days you will notice that 30% of all your gear you don‘t really need. Of course changing underwear is a very personal thing; nevertheless we have to mention here on Spitsbergen is very little bacteria in the air because of the cold and dry climate.

The result is your the odor of your clothing will be significantly less after several days than compared with a traditional trip in more southern areas.

We recommend 1 extra pair of underwear and 2 pairs of socks. Anything else is more luxurious than necessary.

Don‘t forget: YOU are the one who has to carry all that stuff!

When it comes to body hygenie we suggest wet wipes (i.e. baby wipes). It is a quite smart solution and in combination with ordinary tissues you‘ll feel refreshed.

AND: You don‘t have to carry shower gel, soap or a towl - brilliant!

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Weather conditions end of August / beginning of September:

  1. middle temperatur appr. 1º C

  2. almost 24 hour daylight, twilight around midnight

  3. drizzle is normal, fog, bad visibility and low cloud level is the rule

  4. cold wind

  5. sometimes little snow fall at night

  6. because of permafrost - swampy at some places

Needed equipment:

  1. backpack (75 - 95 Liter)

  2. sleeping bag (comfort zone down to -10ºC)

  3. 1 pair of good already used hiking boots, stiff enough to use crampons
    (don‘t show up with very old hiking boots - they will fall apart!)

  4. 1 pair gaiters

  5. light rain jacket, Goretex® (waterproof or water repellent)

  6. light rain pants, Goretex® (waterproof or water repellent)

  7. light outdoor jacket (material: G1000 or softshell)

  8. outdoor pants (material: G1000 or softshell)

  9. warm hat

  10. scarf, for your neck (suggested: wool)

  11. 1 pair of mittens

  12. 1 pair of gloves (windproof, softshell)

  13. 2 pair long underwear or long johns (suggested: wool)

  14. warm jumper or jacket (fleece, wool)

  15. light down jacket

  16. 3-4 pair warm socks (wool)

  17. normal, casual clothes for use in Longyearbyen

  18. 1 pair hiking sandals for use in the camp and to cross rivers (river crossing in combination with neoprene-socks)

  19. thermosbottle, Thermos®

  20. Nalgene®-Bottle, plastic bottle for water

  21. cutlery

  22. lighter

  23. knife (or Leatherman®)

  24. sunglasses

  25. toiletry case

Additionally we suggest:

  1.    map and compass - you can buy maps in Longyearbyen or order here >>

  2.    camera with enough film or memory cards, extra battery

  3.    something to read in case of bad weather

  4.    Snacks, chocolate, coocies (possible to buy in Longyearbyen)

  5.    Thermarest® sleeping mat

  6.    binoculars

  7.    plastic ziplock bags for your extra underwear (waterproof)

Namipunga Polar Expeditions provides:

  1.    tents

  2.    common sleeping mattress

  3.    stove

  4.    fuel

  5.    all food during the hike

  6.    crampons

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