Namipunga Polar Expeditions



Conditions for Sale

1. Tour Operator

  1. Namipunga Polar Expeditions, hereinafter referred to as the Operator, Postboks 601, 9171 Longyearbyen, Norway, is the organizer of tours described in this manual with responsibilities as set out below.

2. Booking

  1. Booking can take place by writing directly to the Operator, filling in the Tour Application form and send by post to: Namipunga Polar Expeditions, Postboks 601, 9171 Longyearbyen, Norge.

  2. Bookings are confirmed when you have received deposit invoice or when you have received written confirmation. From this moment on, a travel agreement exists between the parties. When the Customer changes his or her booking after confirmation has been issued the Operator will charge a changing fee of 35,-€ (300,-NOK) per transaction.

3. Payment

  1. When booking, a deposit of 50% of the price of the tour must be paid. Approximately 8 weeks before tour start, the Operator shall issue an invoice for the remaining balance, wich must be paid 6 weeks before the departure date. Payment can be done by bank transfer.

4. Cancellation by the Customer

  1. Cancellation must be made by writing (by letter / e-mail). Dependent on when we receive notice of cancellation, we will refund the price of the tour minus the following percentage of the price to cover our losses in connection with the cancellation (costs for setting up a depot at the East Coast, pre ordered food supply,etc.). 

  2. Cancellation more than 48 days prior to departure: 10%

  3. 47 - 28 days prior to departure:   20%

  4. 27 - 20 days prior to departure:   35%

  5. 19 - 14 days prior to departure:   60%

  6. 13 -   7 days prior to departure:   80%

  7.          6 days prior to departure: 100%

  8. Exception: East Coast Hiking

  9. Cancellation after april:      30%      

6. Liability

  1. Spitsbergen Travel AS is the liable tour operator. The company acts on behalf of hotels/guest houses etc. included in the tour arrangements and is not liable for circumstances affecting the above companies etc., or for delays or losses, damage or costs incurred by circumstances beyond our control.

  2. We also reserve the right to make changes to the itinerary (both before and after booking has been confirmed) with the customer’s safety and comfort in mind. Changes may also be made in order to provide assistance to other groups or stranded / injured persons. Providing assistance in this way is normal practice in areas such as these, and shall be regarded as a part of the journey insofar as the occurrence cannot be said to have adversely affected the journey in general to a significant degree.

  3. The demanding conditions of the Arctic can lead to delays for flights and ships. Ice, fog and other weather conditions lead to difficult supply conditions, limited availability of services and no local public transport. Participants should be aware that changes may be made to the schedule, but the Operator will endeavour to ensure that the tour proceeds as planned as far as possible. Accommodation in Longyearbyen can be changed by Namipunga Polar Expeditions within the same standard.

  4. We reserve the right to use other hotels then the one described in the tour program.

7. Customer’s Obligations

  1. The customer must adhere to regulations concerning conduct and guidelines given by the Operator. Spitsbergen Travel reserves the right to refuse admittance to a trip if the customer is considered a safety liability, or if the customer behaves in such a way that he/she is of nuisance to the other participants on the trip

8. Cancellation

  1. The Operator reserves the right to cancel any departure due to insufficient bookings up to 4 weeks before the departure date. The minimum number of bookings required is stated in the individual descriptions of the tours in this manual. The Operator also reserves the right to cancel any departure up until the date of that departure due to force majeure or other circumstances beyond the control of the Operator, which prevent the customer taking the tour. Should this be the case, the amount of compensation payable by the Operator is limited to the amount the customer has paid the Operator.

9. Insurance

  1. The Operator has taken out liability insurance with Gjensidige AS. We have also lodged a bond with the District Governor of Svalbard for any costs associated with rescue operations. The customer must have ordinary travel insurance in order to take part in the trip, and this may be purchased at travel agencies or from insurance companies. Many people have an annual travel insurance policy which is either separate or forms part of broader insurance arrangements.

10. Printing errors

  1. No liability is accepted for printing errors in Namipunga Polar Expeditions WEB-site.